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The ASB 1 is an embedded system developed to transform the wire harness assembly process. It is a tech-forward, practical & versatile solution to the challenges posed by traditional assembly boards. Wire harness manufacturing anchored on the ASB 1 delivers excellent results for productivity, capacity building & scalability.


Build Capacity

For the expansion of capacities in wire harness manufacturing, technological modernisation across resources is important. With the ASB 1, achieve increased production capabilities by harnessing the advancements brought by Industry 4.0 that make assembly & and testing efficient, scalable and smart.

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Smart Operation

The ASB 1 is a software-integrated digital assembly screen that renders wire harness layout designs for seamless operation.


User-Centric & Intuitive

The ASB 1 is an end-user-dedicated digital assembly screen with an adjustable and modular framework. It has a complementary self-service mode set-up and admin registration feature.


Guided Workflows

With the on-screen overlays of information points & customisable A/V widgets, the operator is guided with instructions. The ASB 1 can reduce the learning curve of end users and consequently reduce the assembly time of each wire harness.



Digital Layouts of the wire harness rendered using the ASB 1 are stored in the native system. Users need not share the layouts or designs with any third party keeping all the data safe and private.


Boost Productivity

For consistent high -performance & reliable results, the productivity at each level of the wire harness manufacturing is crucial. The ASB 1 has been developed to boost industrial productivity by bringing digitalisation to the assembly & testing phases of the wire harness manufacturing process. This empowers the effective use of time & space to deliver dependable outputs to the users.



Short Conversion Times

The ASB 1 is optimised to reduce interruptions & downtime, thanks to the easy set-up & changeover method. With the ASB 1, the users don't need recurring calibration of the same wire harness layouts. Once calibrated, it can serve a wide range of layouts with changeovers in just a few clicks. Faster set-up and changeovers hence lead to more conversions in a short time.


Easy Integration with Quad 64

For comprehensive digitalisation, the ASB 1 can be integrated with the Quad 64, a revolutionary harness testing product. While ensuring complementary advantages, the combination eliminates the handling of a wire harness between assembly & testing


IoT Ready

The ASB 1 can be integrated into management systems for tracking user metrics and monitoring production accurately.

Enhance Scalability

For large-scale wire harness production, the focus on continuous improvement is
essential. The ASB 1 equips you to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving world with solutions that are aligned with the needs & demands of your business & your customers. By leveraging the ASB 1 to the fullest you can sustain your growth while planning for the future.


Superior Quality

The digitalisation of processes through the ASB 1 helps in quality control to increase reliability in wire harness manufacturing. You can meet the high- quality standards &requirements of OEM Customers like never before.


Environmentally Sustainable

Industrial use of plywood is one of the main contributors to deforestation. The reusability of ASB 1 allows for the elimination of plywood tables and makes it a unique environment-friendly solution.


Low Recurring Capital Expenditures

A wide range of harnesses can be assembled & tested with the ASB 1. This eliminates the use of traditional tables and hence minimises wastage. The resultant savings on procurement and storage space offer wire harness manufacturers distinct advantages in their capital expenditure year after year.


Endless Possibilities

The technology behind the ASB 1 and its integration with products like the Quad 64 opens doors to several upstream innovations that can help manufacturers & consumers alike.


Standardised Layouts

Depending on the length and complexity of the wire harness circuits, we will recommend one of the following layouts for the Smart Assembly Board.

Frame Specifications

Depending on the length and complexity of the wire harness circuits, we will recommend one of the following layouts for the Smart Assembly Board.

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ASB1 Logo.png

Innovating Wire Harness Assembly

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